Deol Notary


When selling property, you will require a Notary Public to act on your behalf to sign the legal documents, attend to paying out and discharging any mortgage charges you have on title and ensuring receipt of the correct sale proceeds. In order to facilitate this process, our office will request the following information:

  • To inform your Realtor of the Notary acting on your behalf so they can forward a Copy of the Contract of Purchase and Sale. The Contract of Purchase and Sale will be forwarded once all subjects have been removed. If you do not have a realtor you will need to fax or email the Contract to our office;
  • The full legal names, forwarding addresses and contact information for all sellers (email, telephone);
  • The reference numbers for any charges on title that need to be paid out (mortgage, line of credit etc.);
  • The name of the Strata Management Company (if a strata property);
  • The details regarding any existing tenants
  • A Surveyor’s Certificate if available. Most lenders for non-strata properties will require one;

We will contact you to confirm the above information and to book an appointment once all documents have been received. By retaining a Notary well in advance of your completion date you will avoid incurring rush fees.

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Contact Details

  • Phone - 604.503.3060
  • Fax - 1.888.832.8878
  • Email -
  • Address - #110 - 13049 76th Avenue                 Surrey, BC, V3W 2V7